Joining the CNY Hackathon Discord server

The following instructions will get you connected to the CNY Hackathon Discord server and then into your team's channel for the competition.
  1. Follow this invite URL to join our Discord Server
    • If you do not already have a Discord account: Enter a username and click continue
    • If you do already have a discord account: Click on Already have an account?
  2. Join your team channel by sending a private message to Hacky with your team password
    • You should have received your team password via email.
    • Find the Hacky bot in the member list. It should be at the top of the list.
    • Right click on Hacky and send the bot a direct message with the following text: >>register TeamPassword
    • Be sure to include the >> and enter the password exactly as you see it in the email; it is case sensitive.
    • Hacky will then add you to the Blue Team and your team channel.
    • Blue team members should also see additional competition channels (Black Team, Red Team, CTF, etc.)
  3. Catch one of the Black Team members in the registration channel if you run into trouble.
    • Be sure we know who you are when you ask for help.
    • We should all be familiar with tech support here. Include the info you know we'll need. Help us help you.
    • Please don't spam the registration channel with unreleated questions. Those belong elsewhere.
  4. After you've registered, if you need help:
    • Pop info the #blackteam-open channel
    • Summon us to your team channel with the @Black Team tag